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South Middle School7

Edinburg, TX | Hidalgo County


March 15, 2015

All three of my children attended South Middle School and LOVED it while they were there. The classes were challenging and they really liked their teachers, coaches, counselors and administrators. They also had a lot of fun while they were there while participating in sports, band, choir, art, theater arts, school dances and other activities. South Middle School prepared my kids for their high school curriculum, for college, and life in general. My family will always be thankful for the GREAT experience we had at SMS. Go Rebcats!!!

Submitted by a parent

September 6, 2012

This is one of the worst schools I have ever been to! The six grade principle is rude, towards people. It feels like she doesn't even want to be there. I have a daughter in 7th grade and the teacher only speaks Spanish, my daughter has no clue what he is saying half the time. We are in United States of America, the teachers should be speaking English Not Spanish. This is why we are failing the Star Testing, How can you teach a child if the child has no clue what you are saying? You want to blame the children for not learning I would like to blame the school for hiring the wrong teachers. As for organization this school is far from it. The lunch lines are outrages and for the school budget its sad when teachers are asking parents for printing paper because the school can not afford it! Where are my taxes going too? This school needs a redo from head to toe or it needs to be shut down!

Submitted by a parent

June 16, 2009

this school is the best my child is getting well with the teachers and he is learnig more that he knew

Submitted by a parent

May 8, 2009

South M.S. is a very fine campus. Test scores are always high. It has been a TEA Recognized campus many times. The Fine Arts Department is the best in Edinburg. The Athletic Department and other U.I.L. Academic teams do well every year. The teachers and administrators are of the highest quality. A GREAT school!

Submitted by a teacher

January 13, 2009

I attend this school and its pretty good, good crowd good teachers nice campus. also i really dont think the rthinticity is asian. by the way im a 7th grader

Submitted by a student

September 23, 2008

I'm a student at this middle school. I ove it. It is educational, and fun. All of our days are orginized and awesome. Shout out all my teachers they are the bestever.

Submitted by a student

August 12, 2008

South is a really great school! I attend school here, and they do push! South does great on our TAKS test too!

Submitted by a student

January 3, 2008

Ok i attend the school South Middle School. It is a great school. Really it is. Sometimes the kids really do mibehave alot. The academics are good. The kids may act the way they act but they atill have really good grades. They have great athletics this year! They kids are really into the after school activities. So that means keeping up with their grades which they do. It is just a great school!! The pricables are always going through the halls makeing sure everyone is on task.

Submitted by a student

November 8, 2007

The academic program at SMS is excellent! the teachers do their best to have every student excel in every area. The school stresses individual responsibility for school work, extracurricular activities, and for self. the school is a very cohesive environment and the principal and his staff are always patrolling the hallways and the whole campus(along with the greatest security team on campus)and checking the safety of the campus. As a parent, that gives me reassurance and peace of mind. All areas of extracurricular activities are available-U.I.L.,orchestra,band,choir,drama,art,sports,chess, and a wave of other clubs and activities. Parent involvement is increasing due tomore students being involved in afterschool programs and extracurricular activities.overall,it is one of the bestschools for academics and extracurricular activities.

Submitted by a parent

July 9, 2007

The teachers and administraters try very hard to do the best job possible. The students are nearly all Hispanic, which in and of itself is fine, but some of the students will practice racism against non-hispanic students. Bullying and other types of agression can be a big problem here. Administration will work very hard to properly solve problems of this type no matter what your race. Teachers took kids to a movie I considered inappropriate for the age (Mean Girls). Many parents and workers from the school were surprised at this. After one year we transferred our child to the BETA campus (Business, Education, and Technology, Academy). He's been there for 3 years, and has had none of the problems he experienced at South Middle School. Good Luck

Submitted by a parent

July 14, 2005

I just graduated from South and I will always remember how good the teachers were

Submitted by a former student

May 12, 2004

When I attended this school, it was a great learning environment, students were eager to learn, and there were hardly any behaviorial problems. Today, that is another story. The kids are not motivated in this school anymore. The teachers are trying their hardest, but I blame the principals. There is a great loss of discipline in this school.

Submitted by a parent

May 27, 2003

Great Teachers, Great Principals. The students are extremely vulgar though. Good school, but not for fragile kids. 98% Hispanic, 1% White, 1% Black. No racism in this school.

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